Bring your own 

There are very few places in Essex where you can take your motor bikes, pitbikes and quads and ride legally and safely. We have a fantastic facility here at The Action park for both adults and kids where you can turn up and ride at weekends. rules apply.


Mx2- 2 sessions of 15 mins

Group 1= 50cc-65 complete novice level 1

Group 2 = 50-85cc novice progressed to level 2

Mx3- 2 sessions of 15 mins.

Group 1 = 50-85cc novice progressed to level 3.

Group 2 = strictly pit bikes only.

For the scramblers on mx2 and 3 if our track manager sees you are too good for this group they will ask you to progress to another group or track, we no longer let any adults on scramblers over 100cc on any of these tracks, you must ride mx1.

Parents on the track will wear a hi viz vest, THEY ARE AT THEIR OWN RISK APON ENTERING THE TRACK, hi viz’s are available from £5 at the main office. NO CHILDREN ON THE TRACK (VIEWING) NO BUGGYS, PUSHCHAIRS ECT.

Quad track- you may use our quad track from 10am till 4pm children’s quads up to a 110cc, on this track each child riding must have 1 parent/guardian to marshal per child and must be wearing a hi viz vest. There is no sessions on this track but In the event of action park needing to use this track there will be times when asked to leave for a while.


78 2 


£20 to ride on the small track and £25 for the big track on sat and £30 on sundays.


You have to supply your own googles, helmet, gloves and motorcross boots.  


We also provide storage for bikes at £5 per week.